We specialize in very artistic and unique custom-order designs. That means that we don't create it until you order it! So, getting your order in as soon as possible allows us time to find any specific flowers you might desire, as well as promptly getting it into the recipient's hands. 
We love to put a personalized touch on it by adding a handwritten card message in beautiful script, and the recipient's name in calligraphy on the envelope. 
Please call the Studio to order - 
When you call to place your order, here are a few
things we're going to ask:
           What is...
           1) The occasion?
           2) Your budget?
           3) Your color palette?
           4) The style you're looking for?
           5) Recipient's name, address, and phone number? (if applicable)
Need inspiration? We encourage you to take a look at our Gallery page for some of the designs that have recently gone out the door. Click              to see our Gallery. â€‹You can also see other designs on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 
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~~~In our cooler daily, we have Fresh Wraps and Flowers by the Stem ready to go.~~~